Free range, ham, nitrate-free, Saddleback, Tasmania
We've been searching for a product to create from our free range Wessex Saddlebacks, which will do justice to the magnificent breed and its outstanding pork. 

So we had some nitrate-free ham and bacon made for us by a specialist butcher in Deloraine. 

Very excited, we took delivery of our trial batch last night and sampled it here at the farm. 

It is sensational. The ham is a beautiful light pink and has a subtler smoky flavour that we've achieved previously, which allows the flavour of the ham to come through. And there is none of that salty tang you get with standard pork. After rushing outside to photograph it in the last light of the day, we rushed back in to make pizzas with it, complementing it with big blobs of buffalo mozarella. Transported to Naples in one mouthful. 

We restrained ourselves until this morning to try the bacon, which is melt-in-the-mouth delicious. 

We'll be at Evandale Market this Sunday 5th May with a limited supply of both these products - and our handmade Pork & Fennel Sausages which are also nitrate and preservative-free.  
We plan on producing a large batch of ham and bacon and sausages, all nitrate-free, once monthly. We will sell it at one market only and by delivery to the West Tamar valley and Launceston. Bulk supply to the Hobart region is under investigation.  

If you would like us to reserve a ham for you to collect this Sunday at Evandale, please ring us on 03 6396 1481 - strictly first come first served. 

Each ham is around 1.5kg, boneless and priced at $29 / kg. All our pigs are pure bred Wessex Saddleback, farmed free range here in the Tamar Valley.

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Our sincere thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in these products over the past couple of weeks - your encouragement has cheered us on and helped us to persevere in finding the right path for our little farm business. It's much appreciated!  

05/02/2013 12:42am

What's the price of the bacon? Do you have a delivery charge or a minimum order amount for free delivery?

Fiona Stocker
05/02/2013 4:55am

Hi Shelley - thanks for your enquiry. Both the bacon and the ham are priced at $29 per kg. We're not offering delivery with this batch as it was a small trial batch. But down the track we will offer delivery free for orders over a certain amount, to the West Tamar and Launceston area. If you haven't already done so, Like us on Facebook or visit our Contact Us page and join our e-mailing list - then you'll be sure to get updates. Hope that's helpful!

04/04/2014 2:20am

I see that you have a good range of products and also deliver


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